SLEMCON 2017 brings together a multitude of experts from four different continents to interact with the fast-growing Emergency Medicine community of the Sri Lankan health fraternity.

The Sri Lankan Society of Critical Care and Emergency Medicine has been since its inception of over a decade been working tirelessly to promote the highest standard of care to the critically ill.
The annual scientific sessions 2017 brings together a wealth of expertise from all around the world to share their knowledge and skills with our health care professionals. The Sri Lankan Society of Critical Care and Emergency Medicine now focuses solely on Emergency Medicine and is privileged to welcome all the participants to SLEMCON 2017. The fast-growing specialty is expected to reach all corners of Our island to provide the best standard of care within the Emergency Departments soon to be established in Sri Lanka.

SLEMCON 2017 will be the perfect platform to share and impart knowledge amongst all the delegates as we intend to Explore new horizons for Collaborating, Connecting & Creating a better Emergency Care System in Sri Lanka.

The Sri Lankan Society of Critical Care and Emergency Medicine will continue to be the pulse of the emergency care in Sri Lanka.

Dr.Senaka Gunathilaka
Organizing chairperson
President SSCCEM

Dr Nilanka

Dr. Nilanka Wickramaratne
Organizing Co-chairperson



Toxicology workshop

Toxic Issues in the ED

Poisoning is an area within which emergency physicians are expected to have a high level of competence and expertise worldwide. This is particularly true in Sri Lanka and other developing nations where the nature of poisoning differs from higher income countries and brings with it a higher mortality rate.


WINFOCUS is the world leading scientific organization committed to developing point-of-care ultrasound practice throughout in-hospital and out-of-hospital critical scenarios, aiming to the overall worldwide improvement of the community healthcare.


Effective teamwork and communication in clinical emergencies is fraught with difficulties and potential pitfalls, many of which can have serious consequences on patient safety. Effective communication in onerous situations is a component that is not formally taught in tertiary institutions nor is inducted in the workplace. In order to assure higher quality and safer patient care, a teamwork based system has been developed and is termed Crisis Resource Management (CRM).

Simulation workshop

We welcome you to our first Emergency Medicine (EM) & Critical Care Simulation Faculty Development workshop in Sri Lanka.


Critical patients are moved constantly from location to location and their journey is fraught with complications. In fact, the movement has been thought to contribute to many errors and poor outcomes.


The first ever emergency nursing conference in Sri Lanka with the participation of emergency nurses from Singapore, USA and Australia. The session will be held in parallel to the main session on day 1.

Advanced Trauma Life Care

atlc-logoThe aim of this workshop is to introduce primary care providers to a structured approach to caring for the injured during the crucial window of opportunity, the Golden hour.


The Emergency life care course is a modular 2 day course that provides an approach to the management of acutely ill patients.

Based on the Australian Emergency Life Support course , it provides a practical reproducible approach termed the “Blue Print” to the management of acutely ill patients in an emergency , ward based or primary care setting.


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